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Avimec - 50ml
Avimec is a topical ‘drop on’ liquid for the treatment of Scaly Face Mite (Knemidokoptes pila..
Ex Tax: $18.14
Adec Liquid
Product Description A high potency, low dose Vitamin for all birds. Adec is indica..
Ex Tax: $23.00
Vetafarm Breeding Aid
Product Description Oil-based breeding supplement, fortified with stabilised vitamins for..
Ex Tax: $9.95
Vetafarm Calcivet
Product Description Liquid calcium and Vitamin D3 supplement for addition to water, soft ..
Ex Tax: $10.45
Vetafarm D Nutrical
Product Description Powdered calcium, vitamin and mineral supplement for use in foods. ..
Ex Tax: $7.73
Passwell MultiVite
MULTI-VITE for BIRDS   Multi-Vite for Birds contains 20 vitamins and minerals that a..
Ex Tax: $9.77
Passwell - The Good Oil
THE GOOD OIL FOR BIRDS Omega 3 & 6 Supplement for Breeding Birds   Seed mixe..
Ex Tax: $10.45
Passwell Liquid Gold
LIQUID GOLD Calcium & Vitamin D3..
Ex Tax: $15.00
Vetafarm Poly-Aid Plus
Product Description Powder first aid supplement for sick and injured birds and animals. L..
Ex Tax: $12.32
Vetafarm Probotic
Product Description A concentrated water-soluble blend of 7 live microbes for use in drinking..
Ex Tax: $12.68
Vetafarm Soluvet
Product Description Vitamin supplement for use in water or added to foods. Using high qua..
Ex Tax: $10.45
Passwell First Aid
FIRST AID for BIRDS Emergency Nutrition for Sick or Orphaned Birds   First Aid f..
Ex Tax: $9.82
Passwell Red Factor
FACTOR RED Colour Enhancer Concentrate     ..
Ex Tax: $20.91
Vetafarm Soluvite D
Product Description Powder vitamin supplement with increased Vitamin D3 for use in water ..
Ex Tax: $10.45
Vetafarm Soluvet D Breeder
Product Description Essential vitamins and minerals, fortified with Vitamin D3 to promote..
Ex Tax: $99.09
Vetafarm Spark Liquid Concentrate
Product Description Spark Liquid Concentrate is a blend of body salts and readily absorbed en..
Ex Tax: $11.77